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JETOUR is designed and manufactured by Chery Holding, a reputed company with over 23 years of auto-making expertise. Jetour is a diverse enterprise that produces brand-new, uniquely designed vehicles, with dynamic and smart features that speak with elegance.

Express Motors Ethiopia, a leader for years in directing customers to their desired car of choice. Expanding throughout the nation, and gaining the trust of the whole region through their successful sales. At Express Motors we pride ourselves on delivering quality service and utmost value. We offer you the benefit of driving away in your dream car with an absolute peace of mind.

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Sep 2022
Jetour X70 Plus

The Jetour X70 is a series of 7-seater mid-size crossover produced by Jetour, a brand launched in 2018 by Chery under

Sep 2022
Coming Soon – JETOUR X90 PLUS

The X90 Plus features large screens for both the dashboards and the infotainment system. The middle of the console

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